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Monday, January 22, 2007

Word Frequency

I am now taking a Vocabulary Course in a grad school. The book and teacher from which i am now learning is a famous professor, Paul Nation as i said before in this blog. He and

the book he wrote refered to AWL(Academic Word List) Dr. Coxhead made. Today, i copied and paste the lit review about L2 motivation, into WFTP(Word Frequency Text Profiler), and found out AWL cover more than 20% of all texts and high frequency word are only about 30%. It reveals that the texts i wrote is highly academic one most of people cannot understand. Lit review is especially dense in terms of technical words hard to understand for many people. I don't know whether it is good or bad...

WFTP will be useful when i restart teaching in high schools because materials like textbooks, grammar books, supplimentary notes students use can be analyzed in terms of vocabulary once i copy and paste the texts on them, and change those materials to more tuned one to my target learners.

This is
the site Professor Paul recommends. The site is made by Dr. Cobb, and contains a lot of useful information we teachers can use!



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