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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dr. Yasuko Kanno

I participated in Distinguished lecture at TUJ today by Dr. Yasuko Kanno just for Open Hour. She talked about bilingualism. Although what she talked is mainly what i have leaner at this master program, the case studies she have researched are intesting. One of the school is perhaps in the town i visited for my research paper when i was undergraduate program. What she talked about is related to sociology which was my major then, so her lecture was really fascinating!

When i asked a question about whether or not there is an effective metaphor to account for a BICS in learner's brain like Cummins' Iceberg metaphor, she answerd that the two language's surface features are BICS. Does it mean there is not any concept to represent that words and phrases categorized as BICS? I think there is a concept underlying the words and phrases, but not so intetwined with each other like CALP. When there is some more effective picture successfuly describe the picture of BICS, it surely help us teachers to develop learner's BICS.
Because developing students' BICS is much much harder than improving their CALP, i think.



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