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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Movies and a book...indoor day!

12/30 I watched two movies, “Star Wars Episode 2” and “National Treasure”, and finished reading a book called “Mono-Kuu Hitobito” meaning people eating something around the world. I went outside to borrow the two movies. Though outside is incredibly cold, I feel it somehow comfortable. The movies was entertaining, I enjoyed the screen with highly developed technique, and exciting story. The book I read was on food and various topics around eating around the world. The content was much more than exciting and insightful than I had expected. The book give me an important fact that all of us keep on eating whether or not we enjoy it, and various topics around our lives are directly connected with the action of eating itself. Though it was published 12 years ago, and the social political situation was a bit different from that now, it told me significant truth.



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