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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Star Wars

I cleaned living room of our family house today, and watched “Star Wars Episode 3” after that. I was really surprised to see the scene and scenery of space, city, stars, and characters. It really inspired me a lot and makes me think of how it is to live in such a world. As Episode 2, it told me a lot of lesson about how well to live, using the concept of “Force”.
1) To be modest.
2) To differentiate what is good and what is bad.
3) We can sense the differentiation of the two hearing our inner voice.
4) We can focus on other interests not only our interests.
5) We can stop admiring power too much. Power is to aid the aspect of the goods.
6) We can let situation go. We should not focus on loss of our important things too much, because fear of loss connects to our dark side.
7) We can stop increasing our angers, because it also connects to our dark side.
The film helped me to have a clear vision of connection between inner-self and real
world. I would like to live while sensing our situation in my heart, and the connection next year.



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