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Monday, January 22, 2007

L2 motivation in EFL environment

I have been reading several articles about L2 motivation to write short lit review on my paper. Though Dr. Gardner points out integrative motivation as essential component toward L2 learning, Dr. Dornyei argues elements making up of integrative motivation is a bit different from that in ESL environment. Dornyei comments the existence of sort of instrumental orientation generating strong motivation toward L2 learning, but he also asserts that these strong orientation in EFL environment like in Hungary is socially and culturally contextualized. Moreover, he refers to imporance of group dynamics as a factor to help students enthusiastically learn L2 in EFL countries, which encourage us teachers to motivatingly teach English as a foreign language like in Japan.

Motivation researches are hard for me because of many usage of statistical techniques. But it helps me to remember what i learned in stats class in grad school.



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