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Friday, January 12, 2007

Professsor Paul Nation

The last class for me have finaly begun! This class is the 10th course for me, and finishing this class with some grade means i can graduate from this program, Temple Univ Master Program! And unfortunately, the last class is taught by professor, Paul Nation. He is now in his subbatical leave and staying in Japan in this spring semester, teaching vocabulary in master and doctoral course at Temple. Like Dr. Brown, J.D, he talks a lot! Also like him, the lecture is full with humor, but basically systematic based on concept of what he had planned to teach, i felt. I had lots of exposure with really sophisticate English, which had me feel laxurious! Though i cannot attend the last classes held in April because i have to go back to Hokkaido to restart teaching, i would enjoy the course as much as possible as my last course.

There are several things to do before i go back to Hokkaido.
1) Attend his classes and fullful the requirements to be assessed well.
2) Make a schedule to for me to submit presentations and articles in 2007.
3) Make my two course papers (about Motivation, and about Test scores) be more sophisticated and native-checked
4) Make research plans to be operated when i restart teaching from April.

Okay, i would do my best!



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