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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Three books

I have several days off in Hokkaido, so I bought a few books other than TESOL -related ones. Though I have to prepare for graduation test, I would like to spend meaningful life reading some books.

First book I read is Japanese authors book Akihiko Nishiyama. He told me useful and inspiring stuff about self-help, and how to be more productive.

Second book I read is by Takashi Saito. He focuses on productive skills like writing and speaking to make a professional, and reflective cycle as a human, and Saito focus on setting a vision in the beginning and revising it flexible dealing with trouble happened during the process to realize the objectives. There are lots of parts I could apply for my own life but also students’ life.

The third book I read is Katsuhiko Chika. He referred to Web.2.0 era, and analyze the possibility of blog and Social Networking Service, in terms of economics, sociology, and networking theory. He emphasizes the importance of “Weak relation” through which each member connected by strong relationships are inspired to hit upon some idea. Through blog, and SNS, each writer have big possibility to relate to “corrector” whose network is much more than other members, and to let other know about the writer themselves through the weak relationships.

Writing has been considered as a skill for discourse and grammatical competence are needed, but it has been turned out that writing is also essential skill for interaction, and conversation in Web.2.0 era.The three books are not directly connected to TESOL field, but each as really inspiring for me to deepen my insight about TESOL.



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