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Saturday, December 23, 2006

My way to Temple University.

The picture to the left side is ginkgo street near the Temple Univ in Japan. That day i went there is warm and shiny. Though it takes about 15 minutes, from the station called Azabujuban, that kind of day makes me enjoyable to walk to the grad school.

The picture to the right side is one from Shinjuku West exit. The statin is always crowded. I don't like crowds at that station, but it gives me some energy in a way, i guess. I always use this station, whether happy or not, the biggiest station in Japan, in terms of population who use this station in one day, the number is about 1.4 million. Incredible!

Well next day i will go to Temple is when i take Graduation test. Now i am preparing for the test. But i don't like to study just for test. I will focus on not gaining TESOL knowledge, but write well with sophisticated expression as other classmates use in essays.

Happy Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year for precious readers all over the world!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Experience or theory

I have noticed my contradiction within myself recently.

During five years i worked as an English teacher, I did not like teachers who heavily focused on their own experiences. Experience, not supported by theory or more borader shared experiences, is not meaningful, i thought then.

However, during the two years in Temple grad school, i have not been for the classmates who focuses only on theory. I am tempted to be against them with my own experiences.

That's my contradiction.

What i need is balance between theory and experience. In other words, practical theory that are likely to be tuned to thoughts of individual teachers, and inter-subjective experiences that are likely to be beefed up into publicable level.