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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Presentation in an assotiation

I gave an presentation with a first presenter in a section of JALT yesterday. It was great experience. Thanks to the first presenter, I had such an wonderful experience. Moreover, I met some teachers who put comments on what we talked, and teaching English in a college and a high school in Hokkaido. I would like to visit the JALT CALL Local conference held in Hokkaido in the near future.
The picture above is an statue of Shigenobu Okuma, creator of Waseda University where the association was held, and the building behind the statue is a symbol of this university, Okuma Auditorium.
Below is the precise info about the presentation run by this association, so feel free to visit it!

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Tokyo Stay

I am now putting this message in Tokyo Haneda Airport. I've arrived here to give a presentation tomorrow. Though I did not have sufficient time to prepare for the presenation, and still have not yet completed it, I am looking forward to immersing myself in Academic atomosphere in the place where the presentations will be given.

40 students I'm in charge of in Hokkaido are now taking tests. Now is a period of First Semester Mid Term Exam in the school I work for. I took a day off today. Studetns are really good not only for their skills and knowledge to deal with subjects, but also for their humanity, humor, brightness, and seriousness. I got a lot of power from them, though I have to work about 14 hours every week day, and 3 hours at almost every weekend.

As for my private life, I began new life as a husband from this April. We sometimes have a quarell, but I am sure I love her. Even while haveing a quarell, I can feel the fact.

Hokkaido is covered with lots of nature, and really quiet place especially around the place I live. I can see a lot of running horses and great view of horizen behind the Pacific Ocean. The wonderful nature seems to make me calm to students. I seldom get angry with them compared to my previous life when I taught English to high school students several years ago.

I would like to put comments about more academic stuff, but I do not read articles recently. Oh, well.. See you around!

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