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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long Time No See!

Hi, everyone. It has been more than one year since I graduated from my grad school in Tokyo. During this period, I have been absorbed in not only teaching English, but also helping students get their own decipline in their daily lives, facilitating them to select their own career after their graduation, and so forth. As you know being a teacher in public high school in Japan equals helping students at all aspects!
During this period, I got 1st grade at STEP test, but I could not find big improvements in my research project. Though I will have two presentation in August and November both in Tokyo, I have no plan to get my work published. I do not have enough motivation to do that at least now.
During this period, my interest moves from studying on TESOL and English education to studying on self-help, work-life-balance, and economy. I have been motivated by those stuffs base on deep relationshipes between those and my daily life's needs. In the long view, however, I know committing studying on TESOL and English education will bear big fruits.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to be a great teacher, know how students think. See the new book on "Teaching and Helping Students Think and Do Better".

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