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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Self Evaluation

What I am now interested in in the field of English education is how Self Evaluation can be implemented in classrooms. I have restarted teaching English from this April after 2 year-studying in a grad school, and learned how important it is even for myself. In short how we should precisely and appropriately see ourself is really inportant for us to live well in this world.

In terms of raising up my level evaluation reliability, I would like to do it. Through showing how I evaluated my students to them, and they compare their own evaluation about themselves and mines, students can monitor themselves well, and I can use their evaluation to councel my evaluation. Through this process, I could reflect my self and relationships with my students and raise my self up as an evaluator.

Though I could not have enought time to reflect myself from April to September, I can have time to develop a program to be conducted from next school year. I would like to make a raugh draft around it from next week!