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Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Third Presentation at JASELE

Today, I gave my presentation for the third time at Showa Women University. Presentation's topic was learner's belief and thier relationships with their English proficiency. It was good experience. I have been involved in working in high school, and have not focus on academic things. Thus, it was a great opportunity to get me back to academic stuffs. The experience remotivated me toward studying and researching. Everytime I gave presentation, I was able to receive meaningful feedback. This time, the teacher I respeced gave me insightful and encouraging comments and hints. It was very kind of him to do that. I was thankful to those who gave me those comments and hints. Moreover, I was able to meet other people related to HELES thanks to a broad-minded teacher I respected at what is called 'Konshin-Kai' held at 1st day's evening.
Even if I am busy, it is important to schedule this kind of presentation at the beggining of a school year in advance, and give some efforts to participate them. That was what I learned and keep on doing from now on!

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