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Thursday, November 09, 2006

3 more credits

My mother and sister came to Tokyo on business, so i went to Shinagawa to meet them. It made me refreshed again. Shinagawa is one of my favorite places in Tokyo, as it has lots of diverse climate from various people around world. It is totally different from where i am now living. I cannot believe both is in Tokyo!

By the way, I need 3 more classes for graduation after i take graduation examination at the grad school. Really famous professor will be here to give a regular lecture. Though i am interested in his lecture, and what he will teach (on vocabulary), i will have to go back to Hokkaido by the end of march. And the lecture will last until April... I hope to spend my last month, March, for preparing next school year when i restart teaching after the sort of subbatical two years. So i am thinking of collecting credit from three lecture series.

But it is hard to collect 3 credits from three different classes as well as take one 3-credit-regular course. Especially, the first one i will take on research method sounds really hard for me, gueesing from the course description. but it seems intersting too, because it seems usefull for my future, and i won't get a chance to gain that kind of research skill after i go back to Hokkaido. And the two classess, builingualism, and reflective practice, respectively, also sounds intruguing for me, 'cause both are just what i have got interested in recently for various reasons.



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