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Sunday, November 05, 2006


I went to JALT for the first time on 3rd and 4th November. it was really good experience for me. The objective to go to JALT was following.

1. know how it is to present what they learn and research in biggest association in Japan related to English education, JALT.

2. learn more about field of testing.

3. get some hints to reaserch based on classroom, when i restart teaching at high school.

4. know with each other who knows with on line but not in real world to expand my network.

1. what and how they presente pretty much depend on individual presenters. i understand what is important is at first send what i will research to some associations, and let them know i am here.

2. i could not visit not so many presentation as i had expected. but vocalburaly research using Rasch analysis, comparison of percentage of use of L1 and L2 in classrooms, and comparing the attitude toward reading tasks are interesting. before visiting such presentations, i though we had to present concrete and practical data and implication from the researches, but i understand, what is important is just let participants know what they researched and get feedback from them, and it does not matter much about what kind of stats they used, though too humble one won't be accepted.

3. one type i would be able to do is comparing two classes, one with some methods or approaches i use, and the other one without them. another one is researching one grade students' data of tests or grades and make them related to some other valuables. About former one, i would like to compare the two reading classes, and about the latter one, i would like to examine about relationships about test or grade scores and motivation.

4. i was able to make an acqauintance with two people. i know themon line, but i had not met them. They were really wonderful, and stimulated mine. They were so refective about their own career, that i learned it essential for me. I hope to keep in touch with them to expland our network. and i could let one presenter know me. He is also high school teacher in Hokkaido. He presented really interesting topic. Because i will join association in hokkaido when i restart teaching, to let him know me was meaningful for me.

I really like the JALT's climate. they look international, peacefull, and energetic. Though i have participated in secondary level association, but it mainly focuses on practicality. i don't mean to say they are bad, they were meanigful for me, but i felt i would like to participate a little bit more theory-oriented, rationale-based one. I felt theory and practice are mixed with good balance in JALT. i will come next year.



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