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Sunday, October 01, 2006

These days

These days, My brain has been too activated to keeping in good shape!! When i got up, i feel my self exausted. Moreover, i got sort of chiken pox, like shingles. Once i saw the movies "Super Size Me" i decided to keep in good shape, and began to drink vinegar for my health, but i ended up to get chiken pox. That's miserable.. Oh well, i have to see a doctor, tomorrow.

These days, i have been too focusing on TESOL-related learning and studying. It is perhaps the reason to make me sick. But i cannot stop! because it is intersting! Well, I'm already in the situation of "runners high".

I'm now taking two courses with lots of assignment. And hopefully, i would like to write some paper about topic i am now interested in by i graduate this grad school. I know after i go back to workplace to restart my teaching, i cannot spend lots of time for studying as now, so i would like to read what i got interested in, and write a paper about it. I cannot get a clear picture about what kind of paper would be emerged, but it would include students' reading proficiency, and how to assess it.

i'm now reading this book above. It is really systematically written, but it is also one of reasons to make my brain activated.



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