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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Grammar textbook

I stopped by a big bookshop at Shinjuku i often go to, and browsed ESL/EFL textbooks for grammar evaluation project of the class i take.

I want to compare three Grammar-based syllabus textbooks and other three Integrated syllabus ones. I picked up popluar textbooks in terms of high possibility for me to use them in my class at high school in Japan.

Compared with textbooks always used in high school, ESL/EFL textbook was really intriguing, and i felt like studying English using those kinds of textbooks! It is well designed for learners to improve their overall English skills comprehensively. I would like to use them to my class when i restart teaching at high school.

For grammar evaluaiton procjet, i compare those textbooks in light of grammatical items, type of tasks, face validity, and so on.



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