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Sunday, October 01, 2006

From Tokyo To Neanderthal

I went to Tokyo Station today, to pay for social insurance. I go to Tokyo once a month to do that. The snecery i saw on the train from Shinjuku to Tokyo is totally different from that i usually see around here in Hachioji. Lots of buildings, narrow road, and old fashoned Tokyo station really freshed me up!

Left is the photo of my closest station i usually use. It is of course comfortable station, but around this station has nothing but nature...

The article i read for the next week class said every tribe and kind of human living on the earth can say [a] [i] and [u], the basic vowels, but Neanderthal could not say [a] [i] or [u] due to their short distance from addams' apple to mouth chamber. They of course could communicate with each other much more satisfactory than ape do, but they could not so sufficiently communicative as moderm human do now. It is interesting. But i just did they talk with each other?



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