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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Day Off

I relaxed a lot today. There has been something i had to for a long time, so i could enjoy today. it was a completely day off. After strong rainy days, sunny days have lasted for three days. this picture is the senery before my apartment. it was just a picture, nothing special, but a sunny day in fall is what i like the most all over the year.

I watched a movie today, World Trade Center by Oliver Stone. It focused much more on personal story around two family, than i had expected, i mean i though it was more political one. I cried a lot actually than i expected, not to let others know. It was a great movie, and i swore that i had to think more seriously about what i should do to stop war. After i came back home, i heard news that North Korea have done nuclear power experimentation. That country seems to walk the same way as Japan did from WW1 two WW2. I'm really worried that country got more and more isolated from international society as Japan did by leaving the League of Nations in 1920's.

i have concentrated on writing a paper about project on Applied Linguistics recently. Though i was messy about what i should do about that at first, i zoomed my theme into reading assessment using my data i got from my colleague on scores of reading tests of students. I've read several books and articles about reading and validity, and put what i got from them into the paper. but i have to stop writing it and doing research 'cause i have to prepare for the test of this class next monday. I have not yet prepared for it at all!! Oh well, i know what i can do is taking my time to study for it not to wing it.



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