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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

L2 reading

I've got better than I was several days ago. I did not see a doctor, but it seems my chicke pox have been cured, i don't know how though.

I am now collecting and begin to read articles and books to write my course project based on the research. But my research is really small and simple, so i want to add kinda literature review like part before the research itself. So i begin to read books about reading. But, it turns out that L2 reading has lots of controversies and topics, like text type, conncetion between reading and listening, learner's motivation, contrastive rhetoric, learner's reading ability and L2 language proficiency. These complex factors make assessment of reading be much more complicated. It is intersting to know such topics itself, but for writing a paper, i am now in trouble around how i should narrow those topics down on my research paper...

The book i am now reading is above. This book is more difficult for me than the previous book i introduced at my diary several days ago. But it includes various topics that make me think more and more.

But What i got to know through that kinda struggle is the fact that i am interested in assessing, or testing, because this field is practical for me after i go back to my workplace to restart my teaching.



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