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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Semester

Fall semester started. I take New Grammar and Applied Linguistics. This semester will be most tough one than others i have gone through. I joined the first class of Applied Linguistics. It had three tests and two presentation, lots of stuffs i have to read to before class, and course paper. Clearly it is hardest course among TUJ TESOL courses. Dr. C's vocaburaly saids lots of terminology modified by difficult adjectives, many of which i could not understand. He also mambuls something important, many of which i could not grasp. Anyway "Applied Linguistics" is the name of department which has various items and stuffs, not just the name of one course i think. but i will have to absorb what he will teach.. within only one course..huu... The only thing i am looking forward to is the pizza party at the last class of grammar corse. Until then, i will keep on learning TESOL.

The closer the day i come back to Hokkaido, the more realistic i become. The days i can have a dream about my teaching and my career development have gone, and the days i endure with high pressure from constrains on my life and teaching began. But the very condition itself help me ponder what i should teach, and what i could develop my career. The best way i guess about my life is keep on teaching at high school and working for BOE in several years. It meets my academical, financial and professional needs. But through my days at TUJ, i found myself enjoying studying TESOL. If i have a chance i would like to have a position at colleges. Also as a learner, i would like to go abroad for myself being exposed with English. As a domestic learner, i have maximize the chane of llearning English only in here in Japan. Without experience of living outside Japan, i could be considered one of miracles as a proficient learner. But i am about to hitting the ceiling. To gain condidence and speaking ability, i would like to go outside Japan. Oh, well i got lost in woods. i tottaly forgot what i would like to note down here.At least my days at TUJ will last for 6 months, so i will do my best. I would like be cooperative as much as possible with classmates, and also i want to be more strict for myself phisically and mentally. Phisically means i gradually gain weight, so i will jog around my neighborhood a few times a week. Mentally means i tend to indulge in some unproductive activity like internet surfing lately, so i want to be more stoic. Oh i got lost depper in the huge forest. Where am i ? Okay i go back to real world. Today is the first class of New Grammer.New Semester began!



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