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Sunday, October 01, 2006

What on earth is Master degree?

One year and four months have passed since i entered the grad school. I studied a lot from this program. My major at undergraduate program was sociology and educational sociology. What i learned then and what i'm learning is not the same and also not totally different. What i learned at undergraduate,and was impressed is philosophical paradigm shift, especially modernism and postmodernism. Thanks to them,i tend to perceive and think what i see from this two perspectives. it is broader fundemental divice to think anything while i live in this world. On the other hand, what i am studying is more practical stuff. Even in theoretical one, i can find their orientation on how teachers apply the theories into practical phases. That is what i expected before entering this grad school. So i am satisfied with it.But at the same time, i cannot be satisfied with lack of common background we think we should have. I felt that at the class of Applied Linguistics. Most of learnerw attending the class was close to their graduation. From the handout the professor passed us out about what students would like to get from the class, i could not find any common perspective we have. it is not the knowlege about TESOL. We already can share varioius knowlege about TESOL, like CPH, SLA, TBL, and so on. But i felt at that time, we are not sharing perspectives about language, teaching and learning. it does not mean i think we should teach or teach in the same way. but i felt the lack we cannot share. how can i say? it is hard to express what i am thinking. If the other professor asks us to note down about what we would like to get from this master course, say, at the class of Intro to TESOL, by Dr,E, what do you think we would jot down? i guees we would write simillar stuff we write at the class of applied linguistics. Maybe the term we write is different, but i doubt it is not different, rather simillar. i think what is important is to get perspective with which we clearly and deeply see and think about the world than knowledge itself. I felt i got it at undergraduate program. but i still can not get it at this grad school. i guess it is not the matter of language(English) through which instruction is done, but the matter of characteriscics of this field. Ironically i got the perspective most is from classes from Dr.B. it is ironic because i feel the "philosphy" about how we should think about language and language learning from statistics which is the most "scientific" one. From many classes, i could not the get that philosophy which back up the various knowlege that are taught. i think it even unfair to hide such perspectives that sustain each knowlege. if we learn such perspecives and paradigm shift to support each knowledge, we can learn it more enthusiastically.But it is the fact that master's program is just a threshold. i know a lot about that. perhaps it will took at least several years to get the perspectives after i graduate this grad school. i would like to say myself now iam at the stage where i have to learn a lot of stuffs by which i can deepen my thought.



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