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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grammar Edtting

Thanks for invitation from chief edittor (He is really brilliant student teaching English) i have joined editting committee which edit works of tasks students in class named "New Grammar" came up with or adapted for target students to do. It is not easy to keep on involving myself in negotiate what to do at meetings, making quriteria, editting, post messages to each candidate, while attending regular courses basically twice a week.However, it is really meaningful to do that. Practically our name would be put at the top pages of editted book, but moreover, we may be able to more touchy and sensitive to issues about how we make and arrange tasks that help students to get aware of the characteristics of grammartical rule, and at the same time, encourge students to communicate sufficiently and enjoyably.

Dr.Schaefer taught me about location of grammar, especially Consiousness-raising tasks in Task-based learning citing Dr.Ellis. CR tasks like we edditting members would like to find out to put them into annual working paper, seems to familiar with classes with rich exposure. Dr. Ellis explais that students need intellictual effort to go through CR tasks to figure out rules. It is tottaly different skills students would need at exposure-oriented phase like report-phase, or pre-task phase in TBL. So i guess rational for CR-tasks will guaranteed by rich exposure.Considering japanese publich high school situations, i don't think it easy to implement CR tasks 'cause students cannot receive exposure from structure-oriented syllabus.

Dr.Schafer, he is knowledgeable for constrains of teaching English in Japan, arugues that CR-tasks added in daily-based classroom run by structure-oriented syllabus is effective, 'cause students do communication in English during the task itself. He said Dr.Photos who have tauth English in Japan for a long time support that task from the same reason.Anway through this edditing process, reading and listening about issues around grammar activities, natural order, SLA, i gradually have got felt like coming up with the CR-tasks on my own.



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