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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meeting my Relatives

My father has stayed in Tokyo on business, and He and I went to Kawasaki-city to meet my relatives, his aunt and her husband. They are so impressive. They laugh lightheartedly, have lots of humor, but enbrace clear believes and perspectives toward their lives. After enjoying the visiting and saying good-by to them, my father went to an airport to go back to Hokkaido, and I stayed a short time in an area around Kawasaki-station. The pictures are the ones in the area, which has a flavor of, how do you say, post-modernism, or surrealism, though they cannot reflect the flavor because of my lack of technique to take pictures.

After that, i went to Shinjuku to eat a tasty ramen with my friend, and went to Temple to join editing committee. That is for collecting, editting, and publishing great grammar activities collected from ideas by Graduate students. Well i have to held a meeting one more, but the next one will be the last one before the anthology's publishing.

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