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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Writing and Computer

I read a part of a book and some articles about relationship between writing and computer. The book ("Teaching and Researching Writing" 2002)covers overall topics on writing, but it seems not give me in-depth picture about the influence of computer techonology especially connceted with other computers through internet, on writing. The site (Dr.Lam's site and Dr.Warschauer's site)my respectable friend tell me offer me a lot of info about the relationship, especially for those who write something in Web2.0 era, and in post-process writing era. (Dr.Casanave's book about writing i learned before make me relearned what is the era.)

I would like to keep on writing lit review in terms of some computer technology, such as Computer-assisted communication discussion (CACD), Web writing, e-mail exchanges, and Chat site (mainly in line with Dr.Warschauer's categorization).

And i would check some more articles and books about the relationships mainly from CALL perspectives, 'cause it is likely to give me insight about the relations.



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