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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank you, Sidney Sheldon

Thank you, Sidney Sheldon

One of the most favorite author passed away today.

I started reading translated version of his books since junior high. It appeals a lot because of lots of up-down story telling. And then, i started reading his original books which are for ESL/EFL learners. Such books are on my father's shelf because he already give up improving his English. Luckily, i took his books there, and read it while listening their script. It was amazing to know such a wonderful way of learning English! It is just opposite of a way of learning it in a classroom!Gradually, i was able to read his original books. His intriguing story telling compensate my luck of English proficiency, to finish those books. About one month before, i read his last book, "The other side of me". I was moved a lot by his exciting and respectful life. His real life is so up-down as characters in his books, but i was tremendously impressed by his risk-taking, and sincere way of living.

I would like to express my condolence to him. Thank you Sidney Sheldon for giving me a chance to know such a wonderful world.



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