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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I recently have three interviews.

One is from my classmate who write some reports to journals on English learning, second is from company related TOEIC company, and final is from a write writing reports to STEP(Eiken).

Through those experiences, i could have chances to reflect my self. Interactions is really meaningful for not only offering some information to them, but also specify and systematize what i am now thinking.

Through lifes in this grad school,

1) i could increase my pockets from which i elicit approaches and methods based on different students' needs.

2) i could expand networks with various people related English education, like teachers in university level, conversation school, publishing company, whether or not they are native or non-native.

3) i could gain basic skills of how i do research in classroom and one school level. When i have a problem in classroom, i would analyze more deeply than before and take some steps base on data i got.

All three are not perfect one, but would be in the middle of development, but they are what i got during my two years in Tokyo.
Anyway, i would like to thank them to give a chance of reflexing my experience, learning, and teaching.



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