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Saturday, November 11, 2006


For the first time in my life, test implemented during a course or a class shoud be CRT. NRT is mainly implemented even during a course or a class in most of high school i guess. At TUJ, there are various tests i have taken. Though many program related to TESOL are focusing on thesis not test, TUJ gives students many chances to take tests, partly because it expect students to be a teacher or practioner with broader knowledge on TESOL, rather than be a researcher or a scholar, i guess.

Three types of CRT at TUJ are impressive for me.

First one is Dr.A's tests made up of definition section and essey section. definition and essey question requres us to memorize TESOL terminology, and summarize students' own opinion based on the terminology. Through these tests, i have made a sort of funcation of knowlege about TESOL.

Second one is Dr.J's multiple choice tests. The class do not ask us to produce English at all. It asks us to understand the concept taught at the class, and show students already understand that. So his choice of the way of testing is reasonable.

Final one is Dr.C's essey tests. His questions is not the same as the questions showen in Study guide. It is contrastive with Dr.A's test where his questions is roughly the same as study sheet he passed out before the test. His question on the test questions not only about our knowledge about TESOL but also how the incorporate them into our perspective. So the basic knowlege is perhaps useful to write essesy on the test, but it cannot directly applied into our production.
But i guess his essey tests is most close to COMP that we have to take for our graduation. Though his test looks complicated, it questions and try to assess our underlying insight sinking beneath our surfice on TESOL field.

Through the test at TUJ, i have studied again about the content what i had learned before the test. The three type of tests successfully occued positive washback. Moreover, tests using our writing ability effectively made me deepen our insight. Though writing test is difficult to have high reliability, it seems to succeed in rising validity.



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