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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lecture Series

This weekend, I attended Lecture Series of Temple Univ Japan. The topic is about immersion program, and the lecturer is Dr.Boswick, the most famous derector of immersion school in Japan and world context.

He argues about various topic around issues on immersion program. One of intriguing one is the "commonsense" among many japanese who assume that eary immersion from elementary level or kindegarden level will have negative effects on their L1 proficiency. He said that many researches got the opposite results, which revealed equal or a little bit high proficiency of both of their L1 and L2 of students in immeresion programs. I think it strong rationale to support immersion program.

Nevertheless, I still might not be confident to put my children into that kind of immersion program if i had a baby. Why? That reason is perhaps shared by many Japanese parents. One of the reason i guess is that there is actually not strong need to get that high proficiency of L2 in Japan. So i cannot get a picutre of the actual figure of parents who are eager to push their children in that sort of schools in Japan.

I'll ask the professor tomorrow.I do never mean to offend the immersion program and school he have derected for more than decades. He is so stylish and enthusiastic to teach me how he develp that curriculm. As one of English teacher in high school who has a vote to decide direction of the school, his lecture suitably fit my teaching situation. I look forward to tomorrow's lecture.



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