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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vocabulary Articles continued

Batia Laufer(1994), The development of passive and active vocabulary in a second language: same or different? (Applied linguitics 19(2) 255-271)
Passive vocabulary (measured by Vocabulary Level Test) and Controlled active vocabulary (measured by the production version of the Level Test) are expanding as learner receive vocaburaly instrucion in EFL environment, but it does not contribute to growth of Free active vocabulary (measured by LFP(Lexical Frequency Profile)intermediately.

Svenja Adolphs and Novert Schmitt (2003), Lexican coverage of spoken discourse. (Applied linguistics 24(4) 425-438)
BNC and CANCODE are used to measure the coverage of spoken texts. On the basis on CANCODE, only 95.91% can be covered by 3000 spoken word families, that figure is much bigger than previsouly considerd number with about 2000 word families more than 98 coverage. Spoken language might require leanrers to cover higher percentage of lexis because the on-line processing constraints time for them to get the meaning across with each other.

Nation, P (2006), How large a vocabulary is needed for reading and listening? (The Canadian Modern Language 63(1) September, 59-82)
RANGE program is used to analyze the coverage of tokens, types, and word families, and turns out that 8000-9000 words are needed for comprehension of written text and 6000-7000 for spoken text. Repeated unknown words may be decrease the percent of coverage of text because those words could be learnd during reading.

Nick Ellis (1995) Vocabulary acquisitoin: Psychological perspectives and pedagogical implications (The langauge teacher 19(2) 12-16)
balanced mixture of implicit and explicit learning for vocabulary acquisition is recommended. He cite Krashen to emphasize the importance of incidental learning, and at the same time introduce elicit the concept of "noticing" and "deep processing" to put the emphasis on deliberate learning.

Nation,P(1992) What vocabulary size is needed to read unsimplified texts for pleasure? (Reading in a Foreign Language 8(2) 1992)
It looks like Nation(2006). Around 5000 words are needed for enjoying umsimplified novel. Some tips to bridge the gap between those high requirement and learner's existing vocabulary size is presented such as simplificatin, pre-teaching, and the like.

Coxhead (2000) Developing and evaluation an academic word list (TESOL quarterly 34(2))
This article explains the history of developing the process of AWL mainly emerged from UWL (Xue and Nation 1984), and discuss the strength of AWL that can cover about 10% of academic text across a variety of discipline.

Laufer & Paribakht (1998) The relationship between passive and active vocabularies: Effects of language learning context (Language learning 48(3) September 1998 365-391
Three vocabulary measurements (Vocab Level Test, Productive version of it, and LFP) are used to compare proficiency levels of learners in EFL(Israeli) contexts and ESL(Canada) contexts. In Canada the effect of knowledge of their L1(French) is also investigated. Surprisingly, there is no difference or EFL learners have slightly larger vocab size, because many reader are likely to predict that ESL environment help learenrs expand their passive and productive vocabulary compared to EFL surroundings.



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