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Friday, February 16, 2007

Testing a Vocab Test

Three articles are about testing a existing a Vocab test.

Read(1988) Measuring the vocabulary knowledge of second language learners (RELC journal 12-25) examined the Vocab Level Test(1983) and confirm that the test is valid and useful to put students in proper levels in a language program. He also points out check list could work as an alternative to the level test.

Beglar and Hunt (1999)(Language Testing 16(2) 131-162) created a new form based on 4 versions of Nation(1983, 1990)'s level test, N,Schmit made in 1993(cited at N.Schmitt et al(2001)), and confirm the validity and reliability. The created version's scores are highly correlated with reading section in TOEFL, than listening section of it.

Laufer and Nation (1999) (Language Testing 16(1) 33-51)
is about productive version of Vocab Level test (1983, 1990). The productive version is already used at Laufer and Nation (1995), and this article is to confirm the validity and reliability of it. It turns out that it is reliable and valid.

In last article, Schmitt, N, Schmitt, D and Clapham, C (2001) (Language Testing 18(1) 55-88) conduct the validity research of Vocbulary Level Test N.Schmitt made based on Nation(1983, 1990), and confirm that both is valid to assess a single construct, from the data collected around the world, based on the previous study by Beglar and Hunt (1999) that researches data from Japanese students.

How the level test has been made and updated is complicated, but these four articles show the processes.

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