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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Use, Voice, and Agency

Most of articles i have read about CALL is about positive side of it. But Dr.Skehan Focus on form, tasks and technology (Computer Assisted Language LEarning 2003 16(5) 391-411)point out the pitfalls of web-based learning from the perspective of current SLA thinking, especially of taks-based learning. That's interesting!

Other interesting point is that "voice" students project toward their audience in their writing reflects social contexts as Dr.Lam and Dr.Matsuda point out.

Though Dr.Warschauerdiscuss that in 21st century integrative CALL, principal objective of instruction is not only accuracy and fluency, but also "agency", which means foster learners who could give a mark on a world using L2 in addition to just understand and acquire L2.

I cannot shape and accommodate the three paragraphs above into my thinking, but all three seems to have some common underlying concept. Use (Skehan), Voice(Lam and Matsuda), and Agency (Warschauer) seems to refer to "something".



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