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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Skehan's Task-Based Learning

Peter Skehan (1998) A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics)

This chapter is what i learned in a course named TESOL Method and Material 1 in TUJ. But at that time, this article is hard to understand for me. So I have hoped to read it again sometime. I read it yesterday. But still I couldn't understand it fully, but it turned out it is because of not my English proficiency, but this articles' perspective and content.

In the article he summarizes researches about Task-based learning, and do not offer readers his clear opinions and statements on TBL. That's why i could not feel refreshed after reading it.

But it was meaningful as a sort of guide to search other in-depth articles about TBL. Also it shows some results about investigation on Tasks characteristics such as accuracy, fluency, and complexity. What appeals to me is many tasks are not almighty, but have strong and weak side (For example, personal tasks helps to improve learner's fluency, but it is weak for developing their complexity). Implication we could elicit from this fact is that we should orchestrate a variety of tasks depending on students' proficiency and needs.

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Anonymous Rose said...

Hello, this is Rose. I happened to visit your web. I would love to get information from your website !!! I will go to Australia to get TESOL from July 2007. I visit your website sometimes !!!

11:06 PM  
Blogger ToruOtsuka said...

Thank you for your comment! Though my blogs is just a note I jot down what i noticed from articles or books, I am really happy if that could help you!

3:00 AM  

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