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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ellis R's articles

Ellis R is one of most famous thorists and researchers in the world, and was a fuclty in TUJ, i have not read many articles written by him. I remember now when i read his book (Ellis 2003) on TBL, i soon gave up reading it because of lots of terminology i could not understand. Though i did not plan to read his articles, i happend to encountered his two articles below.

Ellis,R.(1995). Appraising second language acquisition theory in relation to language pedagoy. In Cook, G. and Seidlhoffer, B (Eds.), Principles and practice in applied linguistics studies in honour of Henry Widdowson Oxford: Oxford University Press 73-106
Though he reviews UG theory from verious perspectives in this article, interesting point is about why UG theory is difficult to be applied toward teaching context. He explains about that in contrast with Widdowson's theory of grammar.

Ellis,R.(2005). Principles of instucted language learning. System 33 209-214
This article do not seem to be cited a lot, but his paper Prof. Nation passed out in his class cite this.
He suggest 10 principles for effective second language teaching based on current SLA thinking. We can use it as a guidance for teaching, and as a base on which we read the articles cited in this article. Though it covers wide range topics, it does not mean the content is shallow, because every line in passages seems to reflect on what he has thought on SLA and SL teaching in his life. The deeper we read it, the mode we can get from it (I'be not yet read it deep enough to get something though).



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