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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Questionnaires I can pass out to students

Recently, I have collected questionnaires I and other teachers can pass out to students to collect data on which we can establish suitable curriculum for our students.

Horwitz E, Horwitz M and Cope J.(1986).Foreign language classroom anxiety. The modern language journal 70(2), 125-132

They came up with scale to measure anxiety in language learning classroom called FLCAS(Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale), arguing anxiety students feel in language learning classroom as "a distinct complex of self-perceptions, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors related to classroom language learning arising from the uniqueness of the language learning process (p,128)".

Oxford R and Nyikos M. (1989). Variables affecting choices of language learning strategies by university students. The modern language journal 73(3), 291-300
They conducted a large scale of research with 1200 participants in a university in U.S. to examine their strategies using SILL(Strategy Inventory for Language Learning), analzed data with ANOVA and found that several background such as (gender, major, years of study, course status, proficiency, and motivation)have some relationships with SILL score(perhaps mean scores of each Factor extracted from Factor Analysis). For example, female tend to use more strategies than male do, or strategy students use is different dependeing on their major. Though they did not examine the data precisely(for example, they did not analyzed interaction effect of like course status and motivation, the analysis itself is interesting!

Brown, J,D, Gordon, R and Rosenkjar P.(2001). Personality, motivation anxiety, strategies, and language proficiency of Japanese students. In X.Dornyei & R.Schmidt (Eds.), Motivation and second languor acquisition. Honolulu.
They also conducted a large scale of research using a variety of measurement like FLACAS, A/MTB, SILL,Y/G Personality Inventory, Michigan test and Cloze test to homogeneous participants (students in TUJ IELP program).Since i have not learned discriminant function analysis, i could not fully understand the data. But they found that anxiety correlated with social extraversion, and high proficiency in Japanese students. That result is different from that in other countries, but it is consistent with some researches conducted in Japan like (Kimura, Nakata and Okumura 2001 JALT journal, anxiety was extracted as a factor to motivate them in high school students, junior college students and science majoring students ).

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