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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Memory Retention

Baddeley A (1990) Human memory Language Erlbaum London, 152-158.

Pimsleuer P (1967) Mordern Language Journal 51(2)73-75

Both of two articles indicated the effectiveness of teaching vocabulary with expanding repetition interval. For example, for the words learned to be put hold for a long time, the words should be taught right after the day the words are learned for the first time, but the interval for the next learning and next next learning should be expanded to the point when learner do not forget the word! With this strategy, teachers can have learners retain their words learned for much longer time than they learned words with equal interval.

Though it is difficult to develop the curriculum or syllabus in line with this truth above, I would like to apply this to my teaching in second language learning classrooms.

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